Pulsing 脉动





Pulsing – Contemporary Farming x Art Cultural and Educational Center
脉动 – 现代农业、艺术、文化及教育中心

In the study of urban morphology, it has been observed that cities have long been treated as living organisms. We are within the inner most workings of a city that seems to come alive, as if it there is a life-force pulsing through its veins. Beijing is no exemption to this. Whilst hearing the soothing carpentry sounds exuding from Hutong continuously morphing and being reinvented according to local needs, we are constructing a growing community of mobile-based application. We experience the city as a whole, including various different parts, in a variety of formats. Indeed, a city is a living and complex creature, which is constantly adapting and evolving itself according to its modern needs and vital changes.
Our Pulsing is a set of flexible devices, which act as an active bridge. This amplifies the existing and current elements of the site, including linking it with current new technologies, which attract visitors to potential further enrichment of the city, Tongzhou. Three types of devices mainly being, “Light Pulsing”, “Wave Pulsing”, and “Jijng” Pulsing. The devices are soft-interfaces of an existing culture used to create a brand new merged culture of “Farming” and “Art”.

It is made up of a “Contemporary Farming integrated with Cultural Arts, as well as an Educational Center” which contain those specific key features and functionalities, such as: Vegetation; Internet and interaction; Public space integrated with landscapes, which in turn, encourage the formations of local communities.




Tongzhou is a city of new development. As the development progresses, cultural preservation in the area is critical. Dagao and Songzhuang are existing art communities located within Tongzhou; however, if further development of the city is made, a larger community would be necessary. Our project aims to pulse the city by bringing a similar functionality to the site with several additional installments. Finally, our strategy is to incorporate those devices with farming functionality so that diverse audience in the area would participate in the community.



A North Section 北区: Light Pulse 光脉动

A new enclosure for the north building helps the building to be as a core pulsing hub. It contains:

Lighting—façade, interior media exhibition

Green—solar roof (photovoltaic), roof farm, art & farming education center




功能:日常展览展示、兼具VR(Virtual Reality)观展观影功能的新媒体展厅,屋面农场可设置种植、住宅、办公模块


B West Section西区: Wave Pulse 动脉

A hybrid structure that can hold urban artisans and the farm community in and outside the space configured by flexible components. Depending on the height of the structure, it can be used as a landscape space as well as a vegetation device.




C East Section东区: “Jing” Pulsing “境”脉

Outside exhibition area holds multiple artworks. Its structure follows traditional amphitheater to allow a larger audience to see the artworks while creating a large public space.




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