Wind Wave 风-浪



Dynamic wave is created by the blowing wind on water. The concept is Wind Wave considering Shenzhen’s geographical as well as weather condition on the site. The following strategies has implemented to achieve the goal by reflecting morphology of wind and wave.


Wind System | Canopy Structure
风系统 | 构筑物结构


Strong and light structure on the site that work well with the site’s hard wind condition (i.g. dune structure) .


Water – Fluvial System | Global (Landscape) and Circulation
水 – 河流系统 | 整体(景观)和循环


Reference to fluvial system that help us to design flexible and varied circulation.

Location 地点

Shenzhen, China 深圳

Typology 功能

Pavilion, Landscape 构筑物与景观设计

Team 团队

Chie Fuyuki, 覃立超, 覃泽昊

Year 时间


Summary 概要

SD, Competition 竞赛方案设计


Architecture, Landscape, Project, Urban Planning