Computational Design

With the diffusion of binary-based society extending to cyberspace, computation has opened up a world of infinite possibilities in many industries. The world of online society, for example, became dominant in our daily life and the world itself appears to be as if (it is) as dynamic as organisms are, being characterized by the constant changes of dynamics of its users and their environments. In contrast, many industries have been exposed to vigorous challenges to redefine products and so has the design industry. Through the recurring computational design research, we Tuning Synesthesia intends to express or interpret new definitions of design.

By nature, data processing in computation is capable of bridging disciplines, allowing us to take the world as a place of multivalence. The design process is rooted in finding solutions to problems, whereby the choice of strategy itself defines the resulting design. There could be an abundant number of strategies as there are a variety of designers. In Tuning Synesthesia, multivalence in design is a cornerstone to find the most suitable strategy which can be sought through learning examples of systems from other disciplines most of which are so-called emergence[1]. Through the research, our focus is, prototyping, to establish design patterns (template) for different conditions of projects. This enables us an efficient as well as quality design progress on the client project, since it accumulates strategies for solving various problems in design, and trains our team how to begin shaping that process through new technologies and new ideas.
[1] A system may be defined as a set of components that shape a whole and can be found in various fields of matter and organization ranging from nature to culture and society, among others. System that the Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts is so-called emergent system.

Our Service and Collaboration

We take a collaborative step at each phase of the project together with every client where we carefully keep the lines of communication open and encourage them to bring their own ideas to the table, which we believe as the best resources of a good design. This has enabled us to deliver successful projects and high satisfaction to clients in the following service:

→ Design for Building and City


Regardless of the type of project, we design “space” for people.

While architecture is the crux of our multifaceted practice, our work extends to a wide range of design projects associated with building and city development, including architectural design, urban design and planning, landscape design, interior design, and façade design and its standardization.
Our expertise, which equipped with a wealth of knowledge and resources of computational design, is to help shape the world and space within for people. From start to finish, our work reflects contemporary perspective of the world in terms of society, culture, environment, and most importantly what motivates and inspires our worldwide clientele. Our knowledge of buildings and spaces, the context of the project site in a form of data, superior conceptual and schematic interpretations, innovation, and creativity have helped us establish a stunning portfolio of satisfied clients. In keeping with our high standards, we successfully deliver our clients’ projects on schedule and within budget.
Available Skills
Drawing: AutoCAD with 天正; Rhinoceros, Grasshopper, Maya, 3D Studio Max; Coding and Robotics: Python, C#, Processing, and Arduino; Graphics: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign;

→ Design Consultation


→ Web Design and Development

Our diverse team, underscored by a wealth of experience, believes that usability is the cornerstone of any website. The style and appearance of website shall be a mirror of a user experience where usability and functional requirement perfectly merged. We achieve this by a thorough analysis of company’s brand and its goal and then build and iterate a website wireframe during the offline planning stages. Our best programmers and designers convene to formulate a comprehension and responsive design to deliver online across platforms. We keep up with the latest trends in the ever-evolving world of web design while maintaining functional standard and sustainability of the website.
• For fast, reasonable, manageable solution of your website, we offer either of the following web development service under modern and popular frameworks like WordPress: creation of a new theme or plugin; customization of a theme for its advanced performance.
• Achieving fluid communication between the website and server with AJAX/Angular technology to send and receive data asynchronously.
Available skills
PHP (framework in WordPress), HTML, CSS + SCSS, Javascript (+ jQuery, Ajax, Canvas, Node.js, Angular.js), Grunt or Gulp, Version Control (Git)

→ Computational Design Workshop

Our interest has always been the divide between computational design practice and the academic approach to design. VAS (Variations of Applied Systems) ( started as an online research platform in 2012. Our focus has been an array of output design methodologies and systems, as well as their applications in design. Since then, we have accumulated more research and, last year, we had a chance to develop a computational design workshop series in Beijing, China. This workshop series helped us to further promote our research and progress even further in our exploration. To read more about our mission, please visit here the following link:
Available Courses
Rhinoceros, Grasshopper with AddOns, GHPython, System and its Application in Design, Fabrication with 3D Printing, and Design Studio with Portfolio Advisory