Review Phase 回顾阶段1: Rhinoceros

Tuning Synesthesia, in collaboration with the Jiang Ren Ying Guo Design Education Centre, held a Winter Workshop on “Parametric Design Workshop” from January 11th to February 4th of 2016. This workshop took place at the Beijing Forestry University in Beijing. There were two course levels: regular and intensive, which allowed the attending students to choose between the different speeds based on their style of learning. Every course was comprised of three phases with multiple sessions categorized by learning topics. 50 participants (a mixture of students and professionals from different design fields) came from locations all throughout China to attend the workshop. An international team of tutors and assistants welcomed the students with well-prepared teaching materials.[br]

Phase1: Software tutorials and training of essential commands of Rhinoceros 5 (Rhino). Aside from learning all basic but handful commands of Rhino, we got through together perfectly with all levels of 3D modeling process in Rhino by applying its available tools to virtually regenerate multiple world-renowned architectural projects.[br]



Sheenam Mujoo

Associate Tutor (Session 1 and 2)[br]
M.S Arch Pratt Institute; Previous work experience: MAD , Beijing & SHOP, New York.[br]
普瑞特艺术学院建筑学硕士;曾工作于MAD,北京及SHOP事务所, 纽约

Lichao Qin 覃立超

Associate Tutor (Session 3)[br]
Architect, Tuning Synesthesia; Design Director, CCDI; B. Arch Guangxi University; Previous work experience: MAD, dot Architects and Architectual Design and Research Institute of Tsinghua University.[br]

Phase1_Class Photo_


Billy Brodus

Design Engineer Intern, Tuning Synesthesia; BJTU Civil Engineering[br]

Ju Jing 鞠婧

Shandong Jianzhu University Architecture[br]

York Shue 舒岳康

Hunan Institute of Engineering, Architecture.[br]

Phase1_Class Photo_2

Student Work

A gallery of student work submitted after tutorials of all levels of 3D modeling in Rhino.

The modeling skills/topics of focus included: single/double curved surface, shell, rib, lofting, carving, modularization, and freeform (T-Splines) modeling. Those were taught through facade and form of some world-renowned design projects while students were exposed to multiple approaches to them. Many were done through “Record History”, the Rhino feature to store the connection between a command’s input geometry and the result, and its best practice was taught carefully as an origin of what makes Grasshopper (software name) parametric modeling tool. [br]
建模技巧/主题包括:单/双曲面、壳、肋、放样、雕刻、模数化和自由形体(T-Splines)的建模。通过一些世界知名建筑项目幕墙与形体的建模,学员们能够掌握多种建模方法与技巧。许多项目建模通过“Record History”来完成的,此特征是如果改变输入的几何体那么输出结果也随之改变,这是参数化建模工具Grasshopper(插件)的起源。

BIG Library:This Geometry was modeled using Extrude, Twist and Flow.[br]Thomas Heatherwick Spun Chair:The seat, back and arms are all the same profile and based on this profile, application of Rhino commands like Sweep, and Loft were explained in the class.

Phase1_Student Work

Rojkind Architects, Nestle: Core Terminology of Rhino – Points, Curves, Surfaces and Solids were introduced, and Boolean Operations were carried out to model this project. [br]
MAD Absolute Towers – Lofting: Students learnt how to generate the Absolute Tower form by Input of a few Curves and manipulating them. Rhino commands like Loft, Contour, PlanarSrf and Extrude were introduced to detail out the project.

Phase1_Student Work2

FMA MOCA Cleveland – Carving: Students were taught how to generate quick massing iterations for this project using Record History.

Phase1_Student Work3


Matsys Star Pavilion – Modularization: [br]
Based on the ‘Shell Structures’ Lecture, students generated tesselations of a hypercurved shell structure using Rhino commands like Polygon, Orient, Scale, Block, and Patch.
Phase1_Student Work4
Thomas Heatherwick London Guys Hospital – Modularization[br]
Based on the ‘Single & Double Curved Surfaces’ Lecture, the students had fun modeling variations of the facade using one single prototype.
Phase1_Student Work5
Phase1_Student Work6
Phase1_Student Work7
Iwamoto Scott Busan Opera House – Carving [br]
Advanced modeling with carving. Students were asked also to design the landscape.
Phase1_Student Work8
Office dA BanQ – Freeform (T-Splines) [br]
Freeform and rib structure modeling with T-Splines [br]
Zehao Qin 覃泽昊
Phase1_Student Work9
J.Mayer H metropol parasol [br]
Freeform and rib structure modeling with T-Splines [br]
Yifei Li 李逸飞
Phase1_Student Work10
Phase1_Student Work11
MAD Harbin Opera House Freeform (T-Splines) [br]
This exercise included freeform modeling of form, interior (T-Splines), and landscape. [br]
Zihao Pan 潘梓浩
Phase1_Student Work12
Zhongyao Yu 虞中尧
Phase1_Student Work13

Phase Detials

Lecture 01 “Workshop Overview”

Lecturer 讲师: Chie Fuyuki 冬木千枝; Interpreter 翻译: Yiran Liu 刘一然

The workshop began with the workshop overview by the director and principal tutor of this workshop Chie Fuyuki. The lecture is about a related tutor and assistant, detail explanations about every phase and session, how the assessment is to be counted and also lets all the students conduct some self-introduction. The last phase, design studio, will be divided into 2 groups, and its composition of tutors was also explained. Students especially showed their interest in details of digital tools that they will learn and a series of lectures that will be given by special guests throughout the workshop.[br]


The lecturer Chie gave a brief introduction about the team of tutors composed of individuals and members of Tuning Synesthesia, Half & Half studio, and other organizations including their respective roles at the workshop.
Phase1_Class Photo_3
On the first day, students from the regular class, 30 students, attended Chie’s lecture.
Phase1_Class Photo_4
Phase1_Class Photo_5

p1s01: Session 1 Basic Components

Tutor: Sheenam; Interpreter: Jing Ju 鞠婧

Installation, Core terminology, Interface, Essential commands for 2D and 3D drawing.[br]
安装,核心术语,界面, 2D和3D 画图的基本命令。


Sheenam, explaining how to think about modeling the La Maison Staircase by Thomas Heathwick; how to determine the Start Point and Directionality of the Staircase in three dimensions.
Phase1_Class Photo_6
La Maison Staircase by Thomas Heathwick for basic modeling tutorial.
Phase1_Class Photo_7
York showing the students how to fix the problem when modeling.
Phase1_Class Photo_8

Lecture 2 “Single & Double Curved Surface”

Lecturer: Sheenam; Interpreter: Jing Ju 鞠婧

Example design projects to be taught through session 2 and 3 were selected based on their type of surface. On the first day of session 2 (p1s02), the lecture about single and double curved surface was given by Sheenam. The mphasis was to increase students’ awareness of feasibility in design and cost control at their modeling process.[br]
第二和第三小阶段介绍的设计项目案例是通过曲面类型进行选择。在第一天的第二小阶段(p1s02),Sheenam 介绍关于单曲面和双曲面的内容。主要目的是让学员们建模时意识到设计的可行性和对成本的控制。


Sheenam started the lecture with a set of examples for single curved surface.
Phase1_Class Photo_9
A set of examples for double curved surface. “Surfaces that bend in two directions at the same time and cannot be made out of a flat material are called ‘double curved’,” explained Sheenam.
Phase1_Class Photo_10

p1s02: Session 2 Modeling Basic & Intermediate

Tutor: Sheenam; Interpreter: Jing Ju 鞠婧

Planar / Single Curved 平面/单曲面: Rhino modeling tutorial and exercise, to regenerate samples of world-renowned design projects either in planar and single curved. [br]
犀牛建模教程与练习, 应用平面/单曲面辅以世界著名建筑项目案例


Sheenam explaining the idea of a “unit” and how it can be manipulated in a system it creates when modeling London Guys hospital by Heatherwick.
Phase1_Class Photo_11
Jujing help a student solve the problem in intermediate modeling tutorial.
Phase1_Class Photo_12

Lecture 03 “Shell”

Lecturer: Sheenam; Interpreter: Jing Ju 鞠婧

On the second day of session 2 (p1s02), the lecture about shell structure was given by Sheenam before getting into its modeling tutorial. [br]
进入建模教程之前,在第二天的第二小阶段(p1s02),Sheenam 介绍关于壳结构的讲座。


Sheenam’s second lecture, articulating what “shell” is.
Phase1_Class Photo_13
Phase1_Class Photo_14

p1s03: Modeling Advanced

Tutor: Lichao Qin 覃立超

Double Curved 双曲面: Rhino modeling tutorial and exercise, to regenerate samples of world-renowned design projects in double curved. + An introduction to several Rhino plugins. [br]
犀牛建模教程与练习,应用双曲面辅以世界著名建筑项目案例。+简短的介绍一些Rhino 插件


Lichao’s “modeling advanced” class with J. Mayer H Metropol Parasol.
Phase1_Class Photo_15
Lichao couching a solution to the advanced modeling problem to a student Shen.
Phase1_Class Photo_16
Phase1_Class Photo_17


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