Review Phase 回顾阶段 4: Design Studio


Team A-1

Members: Linyu Lyu吕林忆, Junjian Wu吴俊健, Ying Zheng郑颖, Tao Shen申韬, Xintian Du杜心恬, Qiuwen Wang王秋雯

Group T

Members: Yang Ruoyi_杨若漪, Fanghui Ge葛方慧, Yiran Chen陈依然

Jelly Fish

Members:Tianbao Hu胡天宝, Wanting Liu刘宛亭, Yifei Li 李逸飞, Yizhen Ding丁一真, Jinyu Shen 沈劲余

New Story of the Wall

Members:Yanyu Li李衍宇, Chengqian Wang王承乾, Bo Meiqixin薄美琦馨

Tunnel under the Ocean

Members: Qing Hou侯青, Tianyun Wang王天运

THE NEEDLE LINE, Bus station

Members:Yicheng Xu许逸骋, Jianchen Liu刘建辰, Shihao Xiao肖世豪

All about Cute

Members: 王雨薇 李仪文 谷源鑫


Members: Zemin Zheng郑泽敏, Kaiqi Gong 龚凯琪

Phase Photos阶段照片

Despite the extremely tight schedule at our workshop and the fact that more than half of the students had never used Rhino at the beginning of our workshop, the final presentation at our design studio displayed evidence that students have all learned a decent amount of skills and knowledge of contemporary digital design. We are extremely happy about this. Many participants, tutors, associates, and assistants contributed to this workshop. It was a great time and it could not have been successful without them. Thank you everybody![br]
尽管workshop课程安排非常紧并且一半以上的学生从来没有使用过犀牛,从学生作品可以看出来大家学到了很多技能及当现代数字设计的知识,我们对此感到非常高兴。这个workshop的许多参与者、导师、同事和助理都作出了很多贡献,没有他们的努力workshop也不会成功。谢谢大家 !




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