Tsinghua Tmall Campus Store Project

Changan Mangu Village Urban Planning

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Sino Ocean Wellness and Healthy Living Center

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MianYang Convention Center Interior Design

CCDI, Wenzhou, Asian Games, Stadium Design, Architecture, Computational Design, Tugning Synesthesia, tSynsth, Chie Fuyuki, 冬木千枝, コンピュテーショナルデザイン, 建築

Wenzhou Olympic Sports Center Stage Ⅱ – Main Stadium Project Conceptual Planning & Design

Wind Wave 风-浪

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Tuning Synesthesia 系联设计 Chie Fuyuki 冬木千枝

VAS Variations of Applied System – Computational Design Research

Pulsing 脉动

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System Article Stochastic

Ruyi Island Bridge 海南如意桥